Weather Alert

Alderson Broaddus University officials are asking students to please use extreme caution as they travel back to campus today and tomorrow, as surrounding areas of Philippi are experiencing severe weather.
The safety of our students is our highest priority. If you feel conditions are too dangerous for you to return, please communicate this with your professors and stay somewhere safe. Use your best judgment until the weather clears. 
We are asking that all faculty and staff do the same, and please be cooperative with those students traveling from out-of-town. As of now, classes are still set to begin tomorrow, Wednesday, January 13, 2016.
Out of an abundance of concern for our students already on campus, we are recommending that you refrain from driving unless in the case of an emergency. Please use your best judgment during these weather conditions.
As always, campus safety is available to assist in any urgent needs. Do not hesitate to contact them at (304) 709-2696.
Thank you for your attention and patience in this matter.