Rex E. Pyles Arena and Memorial Coliseum Closure Anticipated

Following a decision made by Alderson Broaddus University Board of Trustees, the Rex E. Pyles Arena and Memorial Coliseum will be closed for a structural repair and upgrade project.

As part of the Capital Action Plan, Alderson Broaddus University officials received a report in November 2018 regarding necessary repairs to the Rex E. Pyles Arena and Memorial Coliseum. Throughout 2019, engineers from three separate companies were invited to assess and evaluate the building, and, in order to complete repairs before the Fall 2020 semester, construction will begin before the end of the spring semester.

In accordance with AB’s space utilization plan, current occupants will be relocated by the end of January 2020, to offices throughout the campus. Officials are working diligently with the local community and surrounding areas to make arrangements for the use of other facilities for our sports teams to practice and compete in events.

Beginning Thursday, January 16, all athletic events held in the arena and coliseum will be hosted off-site. In the meantime, athletic officials will update the public as specific locations and schedules become available.

About Alderson Broaddus University

Alderson Broaddus (AB) University is a private, four-year institution of higher education located on a historic hilltop in Barbour County in Philippi, West Virginia. Since its founding in 1871, AB has been a leader and innovator in higher education, with accolades in the health and natural sciences.

AB stands out as one of the most innovative health education providers in Appalachia, pioneering the nation’s first baccalaureate physician assistant program of its kind in 1968, the first post-baccalaureate physician assistant master’s degree program in 1990, and West Virginia’s first four-year nursing program in 1945.

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