Dr. Igor Woiciechowski publishes research paper

Dr. Igor Woiciechowski, associate professor of mathematics in the College of Health, Science, Technology, and Mathematics at Alderson Broaddus University, was recently published in Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI) journal.

Entitled “Time Delay in Electron Collision with a Spherical Target as a Function of the Scattering Angle,” the article discusses in detail the specific features of both angular and energy dependencies of Wigner time delay of slow scattered electrons.

“When a fast particle collides with another particle, it changes its initial direction of motion,” explains Woiciechowski. “Physicists extensively study this process known as ‘scattering’, since the characteristics of the scattered particle reflect the properties of the interacting particles. However, the scattering process is not instantaneous, and the collision time (known as Wigner time delay) is one such characteristic.”

Theoretical predictions of time delay can now be verified experimentally. Recent advances in experimental techniques have made measuring the extremely short collision times that are in most cases less than 1 femtosecond (10-15s).

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