Baccalaureate 2022

Alderson Broaddus University celebrated its 151st Baccalaureate ceremony in the Wilcox Chapel on campus Thursday, April 28. Commemorating graduating seniors and offering words of wisdom, guest speaker David L. Hulme delivered an address titled “The Question We All Must Answer”.

“Baccalaureate is the first of several ceremonies celebrating our graduating class of 2022”, explains Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Andrea J. Bucklew. “It gives us the opportunity in a smaller, more intimate setting to offer thanks for their accomplishments, reflect on this rite of passage, and offer prayer for their future success.”

By the time most students arrive at Baccalaureate, they have completed an immense volume of work, and have encountered and triumphed over countless academic, social, financial, and other challenges. They have made friends, and have become better acquainted with themselves. Their professors have given their very best in helping to guide them in that journey. And, finally, their families and friends have helped their students reach this pinnacle moment.

Honoring the tradition of the Baccalaureate – celebrating the completion of four years of study and enjoying the fruits of those successes – graduating seniors took time to reflect and look forward.