Alderson Broaddus School of Nursing Alums Take Classroom into the Community

Philippi, W.Va. – A pair of Alderson Broaddus University School of Nursing graduates are taking their classroom work and carrying it out into the community.

“While furthering my education in the BSN program, I worked on a couple of projects with a class mate about community health and wellness,” Sara Deffet ‘17 said. “We were told to ‘find a need in the community and develop a plan of how to meet that need.’”

Deffet and Caraline Baxa, 2017 graduates of Alderson Broaddus’ LPN-BSN program, collected data and interviewed many people in the community. Through their research they discovered a passion and need for recovery services and awareness of the recovery services that are available.

“Due to the number of clients who need recovery services, availability and attainability of such services, it is hard not only for the person struggling, but for the providers who are trying to find services or community resources available to continue care,” Deffet said.

The solution was a location where anyone struggling with or from any of life’s hurts or hang ups could “take the next right step” and go where recovery services are available.

As Deffet and Baxa work to make this project a reality, they in conjunction with Mike Holliday the owner of Wellsmart Rehab and Fitness in Philippi, W.Va., they will be hosting a day of recovery and rediscovery on May 28 at 2 p.m. to raise awareness at the future site of The Next Right Step, 1600 Stalnaker Road, Philippi, W.Va.

Please bring a chair and your fishing pole. The pond on site has been stocked with 150 lbs. of trout. There will be a lunch provided and covered dishes are accepted, but are optional.

The Next Right Step is not a treatment center, but a safe, supportive place for those in need.

For more information, contact Mike Holliday (304) 457-9355.