Alderson Broaddus Hosted the West Virginia Baptist Convention

Alderson Broaddus (AB) University played host to the 154th West Virginia Baptist Convention (WVBC) Annual Meeting, October 18-19. This year, the annual meeting featured Rev. Kenneth Miller as the keynote speaker, guest speaker Rev. Mark Wood, West Virginia Baptist Convention Executive Minister Dr. Michael Sisson, and much more.

During the annual meeting, President Dr. James “Tim” Barry had the opportunity to sit down with West Virginia Baptist Convention Executive Minister Dr. Michael Sisson to discuss the future and our continued partnership with the Baptist community. Alderson Broaddus University is rooted in historic and continuing relationships with the American Baptist Churches USA and the West Virginia Baptist Convention.

“We’re in a state that has some challenges; we’re in a country with challenges,” said Dr. Barry. “We are part of administrations that are working to contribute to the good. The biggest hurdle as leaders of our respective organizations is to find common ground and work together toward a better future.”

This year, Alderson Broaddus University was honored to present the Ward W. Hibbs Award to Pastor Richard Glenn Bergdoll. This award is given annually by Alderson Broaddus University in memory of the ministry of Reverend Dr. Ward W. Hibbs and presented to an American Baptist minister who has made an outstanding contribution to the ministry of town and country churches. Pastor Bergdoll is a respected leader in the Eastern Baptist Association and serves on the West Virginia Baptist Convention Executive Board and Discipleship Commission.

The WVBC, through its full-time ministry staff and trained volunteers, provides stellar ministry through conferences, events, retreats, written resources, and customized workshops that meet the needs of individual congregations. The 155th Annual Meeting of the West Virginia Baptist Convention will be held October 2020.

About West Virginia Baptist Convention

The vision of the West Virginia Baptist Convention is a family of churches committed to reaching all generations for Jesus Christ both here and abroad by equipping one another to be healthy, growing, and unified in Christ and for Christ.

About Alderson Broaddus University 

Alderson Broaddus (AB) University is a private, four-year institution of higher education located on a historic hilltop in Barbour County in Philippi, West Virginia. Since its founding in 1871, AB has been a leader and innovator in higher education, with accolades in the health and natural sciences.

The mission of AB is to provide students with the highest quality education, striving to prepare students to succeed in their chosen disciplines and to fulfill their roles in a diverse society as well-rounded and responsible citizens.