AB Ranked Number Four in State-Wide Student Debt Study

Alderson Broaddus University has been named among the top schools in the state of West Virginia for the lowest student loan debt.

A study done by lendedu.com, an online website tailored to assisting students in choosing an appropriate destination of higher education learning, showed that Alderson Broaddus ranked number four in West Virginia for providing aid for those seeking to further their education and the top private, non-profit, university on the list.

“Higher education is an investment in one’s future,” Director of Financial Aid Amy King said.  “Often time paying for college includes student loans. We work very diligently in our office to assist students in keeping down their loan debt. This includes an aggressive financial need based grant program through Alderson Broaddus, educating our students on financial aid opportunities and helping identify ways for alternative funding to lessen debt.”

The study showed that the average debt per borrower at graduation for Alderson Broaddus students was $23,715 and the percentage of students that will obtain some amount of debt is 88%.

“Being on the list of Colleges for Lowest Student Loan Debt at Graduation in West Virginia is a testament that our continued efforts are making a difference in the future of our students,” King said.