AB Ranked No. 2 in WV Federal Work-Study Awarded

Alderson Broaddus University was the top-ranked private institution for Federal Work-Study aid awarded to the student body finishing behind only West Virginia University in a study released by the Student Loan Report.

The study used Peterson’s Financial Aid Data that was released in August of 2016 and showed the Alderson Broaddus offers 443 jobs and issued over $600,000 to work-study students.

“Higher education is an investment in one’s future,” Director of Financial Aid Amy King said.  “The Federal Work-Study program is a way for students to not only help pay for their education, but to gain experience to help students later in life.”

Alderson Broaddus was recognized earlier this year by lend.edu as the fourth lowest student loan debt at graduation in the state of West Virginia.

“We work diligently to help our students find ways to keep down their student loan debt and the work-study program is one tool that helps us achieve that,” said King.