Dr. Bobic to sign copies of With the People’s Consent at Meadowbrook Mall 
PHILIPPI, W.Va. – Alderson Broaddus University’s Dr. Michael Bobic, assistant professor of political science and local author, will be conducting a book signing for his new book “With the People’s Consent” on Saturday, March 19 at Meadowbrook Mall. The event will take place at Books-A-Million from 3 to 5 p.m. where copies of the book will be available.
“With the People’s Consent” explores Howard Baker’s ability to lead the United States Senate at a time when it was divided by partisanship and ideology. This book features a quantitative analysis of Senate leadership through roll call analysis, an evaluation of the advantages and difficulties in roll call data, an a discussion of data used to evaluate Baker’s leadership in the 95th to 98th Congress. With the People’s Consent addresses how the current instability of the Senate could be improved by looking toward Baker’s own success during a tumultuous time.
“I am truly humbled to have not only completed this manuscript, but am indebted to all those who helped me along the way,” said Bobic. “This book is especially dedicated to Senator Howard Baker, a model of leadership for us all. I’m excited to bring his story, one that supports him as a highly effective leader during extraordinarily difficult times, to life.”
This event is free and open to the public.