AB President Barry Meets with Philippi Community

PHILIPPI, W.Va. – Alderson Broaddus University hosted a Meet and Greet Luncheon with Interim President, Dr. Tim Barry, on Monday afternoon, February 29, at the Taj Moe Hall in Philippi. The university invited community members to join them for lunch in order to meet Dr. Barry and to hear what he has to say about the state of the university’s present and future. 
Several community officials, leaders, business owners, and residents filled the banquet hall as Dr. Barry introduced himself those in attendance, including Karen Weaver, Philippi City Manager; Reggie Trefethen and Cheryl Wolfe, Barbour County Development Authority; Eric Ruf, Belington Medical Clinic and Board of Education member; Ed Larry, Philippi City Councilman; John Cutright, Barbour County Assessor; Leckta Poling, Barbour County Prosecuting Attorney; Millard and Valerie Minor, Philippi Lions Club; Jeff Powelson, Broaddus Hospital; Ben Propst, County Coordinator; and many others. 
Dr. Barry’s presentation highlighted the periods transition and transformation the university has continually faced throughout its rich history—the merging of the Alderson Academy and Broaddus College in 1932, the official restructuring from college to university in 2013, and Barry’s appointment as interim president in December 2015. Barry’s appointment at AB is expected to continue past his December 2016 contract.
“We are an institution that has been in transition its entire existence,” says Dr. Barry. “It’s a journey of transition and, in my opinion, without that we wouldn’t be who we are.”
In addition to discussing the current transitional period, Barry expressed his desire to rebuild and strengthen to university’s ties with the Philippi community and Barbour County. 
“I’ve found a lot of tremendous opportunities. We’re an economic engine for the City of Philippi… Barbour County… West Virginia,” Barry says, “but we live in a city that is also an engine to us. Together, we can build that economic engine. That’s so important. Where are we together? How can we put the facts on the table and say, this is what we could do together?”
The answers to these questions and many more about the future of Alderson Broaddus and Philippi remain to be heard. Look to future issues of The Barbour Democrat as we chronicle this period of transition and transformation through Dr. Barry’s presidency at Alderson Broaddus.