Program to launch Fall 2015

PHILIPPI, W.Va. – Alderson Broaddus University is pleased to announce the addition of a bachelor’s degree in ministry and leadership. The announcement was made on Thursday, March 26 in front of the campus’s iconic Wilcox Chapel. This is the third newest academic program to be announced in the past two months.

The new Ministry and Leadership major will help connect students who are interested in going into ministry with modern day situations.

“We tried to look at the individual courses and which ones would be most advantageous to students preparing to go into ministry in today’s culture, today’s time; and leadership seemed to be a theme that resonated,” said AB Religion Professor Danny Franke.

This major is designed so that the graduate will be academically prepared to use their learning for seminary and/or graduate school or employment in church leadership. The curriculum includes a strong core in traditional religion courses along with a choice of modern concentrations. One of these is sports ministry.

“Sports play a huge part in our culture today, and holds an important place for ministry leadership,” said Franke. “Course such as Integration of Faith and Sports and Sports Chaplaincy will be taught.”

Sports chaplaincy is a relatively new area of chaplaincy. In addition to chaplaincy in general, students will pay particular attention to the needs and opportunities relevant to sports chaplaincy.

The courses are designed to help the sportsperson to re-examine how to think about, inhabit, and practice sports. In particular, how Christians critically understand and practically relate to the culture of sports. They will also address and assesses the different models of sports ministry and chaplaincy. Students will learn how to bring their knowledge and skills to bear on social, moral and personal problems unique to the sports culture.

The University has also developed a minor in ministry and leadership which can be combined with other existing majors to provide additional resources such as critical thinking, religious and philosophical values, and practical leadership.

Alderson Broaddus University is continuing to work on adding more academic initiatives, which will be announced in the near future.