AB Announces Addition of Aquaponics Lab

Alderson Broaddus University is pleased to announce the addition of an Aquaponics Laboratory System to the College of Science, Technology and Mathematics.

This opportunity is made possible by the generosity of New Vision Renewable Energy in collaboration with The Alderson Broaddus University Department of Environmental Sciences. New Vision Founder and CEO Ruston Seaman states, “Our desire to help communities learn how to manage limited water resources and feed a growing population of people  led us to develop the aquaponics lab as a tool for community development. We are very excited about the ability to expand this project’s capacity through a partnership with AB students and faculty.”

Faculty Project Director Dr. Constance Brown says, “I am delighted to offer students this hands-on research opportunity. Students are very excited and eager to begin working with the lab. It is my hope that these young leaders of tomorrow will take what they learn here today, out into the world of tomorrow, and teach others how to implement similar alternative energy and recycling systems.”

The Aquaponics Laboratory will be housed in the Kemper Redd Green House at AB. In addition to research, this project will further provide community outreach opportunities for AB students. Students will observe and interact with the various processes that cycle matter and energy through plants and animals. This process will simultaneously provide healthy, nutritious food, filter and clean toxins, and recycle nutrients. Students will not only learn and study about these alternative energy options, but will take an active part in using the system to provide outreach to the community beyond campus.