AB University named Best College In West Virginia

Nationally ranked by College Consensus

WV-consensus-badge-831x745Alderson Broaddus University was named the Best College in West Virginia for 2018, with a first-place ranking by College Consensus, a reputable college ranking system.

To identify the Best Colleges in West Virginia for 2018, College Consensus averaged results from the most respected college ranking systems with thousands of real student review scores from around the web. This rating system is the most accurate and comprehensive ranking of a school’s reputation and quality.

“We are delighted to be recognized as the Best College in West Virginia,” President Dr. Tim Barry said. “Being ranked number one in the State is truly an accomplishment and shows that AB University is making a significant impact on students, transforming their lives and molding them into well-rounded, responsible citizens.”

The same source ranked AB University 18th overall in the Best Regional Colleges in the South. This ranking was determined by reviewing those colleges that provide top-tier undergraduate education in the South. This ranking puts the spotlight on the smaller regional colleges that deliver the grassroots foundations of higher education. According to College Consensus, regional colleges are designated as those that offer associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, usually in career and professional fields, and at affordable rates. That means regional colleges do the groundwork of educating a middle-class workforce, and in the South, that often means helping rehabilitate rural and industrial areas.

Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Joan Propst explained that AB has a distinguished history for innovative health education in Appalachia, pioneering the nation’s first baccalaureate physician assistant program of its kind in 1968 and West Virginia’s first four-year nursing program in 1945.

“AB remains an institution renowned for high academic quality and student achievement,” Propst said. “We have an outstanding faculty who are well known in their respective disciplines and bring their wealth of knowledge to the classroom every day. This year, with tremendous support from industry leaders, we developed and launched a new program in cyber-security. Curriculum for this program was developed to fit the current and future needs of industries including financial and healthcare as well as to help criminal justice agencies identify cybercriminals. From starting the first physician assistant studies program to the first four-year nursing program to focusing on cyber-security, we’re committed to graduating students ready to enter the workforce immediately. We’re equipping students to solve today’s problems.”

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