AB retains Dr. Judith Dwyer to develop a strategic roadmap for the future

Alderson Broaddus University is pleased to announce that it has retained the CEO of Dwyer Associates, Judith A. Dwyer, to assist University leadership in identifying and pursuing alternative futures in the form of expanded partnerships, affiliate federations, or mergers.

Dwyer will assess the best paths for increasing cooperation with other institutions and organizations to increase enrollment and efficiencies through cooperative agreements.

A proven executive, Dwyer has routinely surpassed goals for academic performance, fundraising, capital improvements, community outreach, fiscal management, and enrollment targets during her impressive tenure at other educational institutions. As a Fulbright Scholar and dedicated education executive, her fundraising skills have raised $33 million for various projects between 2014 and 2021.

“We are excited to work with Dr. Dwyer to accelerate our work in expanding enrollment through non-traditional means, including partnerships with other institutions and organizations,” states AB Board of Trustee and Governors President Dr. Becky Hooman. “The Board and University leadership are always watchful for trends in higher education, and to that end, Dr. Dwyer will focus on developing partnerships that will have the greatest potential for immediate increases in enrollment to secure our future.”

Dwyer will complement current University efforts to safeguard AB’s outlook by developing comprehensive plans and creating a data-informed strategic roadmap to navigate existing industry challenges.