AB Mission Team Members Share Fundamentals of Faith in Mexico

As spring break draws to a close, the Alderson Broaddus University Mission Team is heading back from a transformative and inspiring adventure in Mexico. Seven students, two faculty members, and members of AB’s faith and leadership groups traveled to the small, mountainous town of Zongozotla, Mexico, to spread the Christian faith and provide healthcare education to the local population.

Led by International Ministries: American Baptist Church members Keith and Deb Myers and Faith Cline and Bill Klaus of the AB Mission Team, the delegation immersed themselves in the local culture by first visiting the pyramids of Cholula and Teotihuacan in historic Puebla, Mexico.

“We need to start by knowing why we are going,” said Faith Cline. Cline guided her fellow students in identifying and honing learning outcomes.

During the latter part of the trip, students held a community health fair and Bible school in Zongozotla, Mexico. The group, which included two senior nursing students and two pre-med students, hosted a health fair to assess and educate the Zongozotla population on dental hygiene and nutrition. The Bible school, based on teaching the fundamentals of the Christian faith, drew between 40 to 60 children each day.

Students helped plan and budget for the trip by working with the local community to host fundraisers, collect donations, and gather sponsorships from Barbour Community Health, Broaddus Hospital, Philippi Baptist Church, Philippi Elementary School, and a host of individual donors.

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