Alderson Broaddus Launches AB Advantage Loan Repayment Assistance Program

AB AdvantagePhilippi, W.Va. – Alderson Broaddus University became the first and only institution of higher education in the state of West Virginia to offer student loan assistance to all members of the incoming class with the announcement of the AB Advantage.

The AB Advantage helps graduates with modest incomes repay their student loans after graduation. It is applicable to federal, private, and Parent PLUS loans.

“We know that student loan debt is a concern for students in the region and around the country,” said Vice President for Enrollment Management Dr. Eric Shor. “The AB Advantage is a way for us to be responsive to our students needs and continue to show the value of an Alderson Broaddus education.”

All members of the incoming class will be offered the AB Advantage at no cost to the student. Upon graduation from Alderson Broaddus, graduates making less than $40,000 a year will qualify for reimbursement of their student loans until they make $40,000 a year or the loan balance is repaid.

“The assistance that the AB Advantage provides is substantial,” said Shor. “For many graduates, it is the help they need to work in entry jobs as they start their careers.”

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