AB Junior Jayme Hykes Enlists in Navy Nurse Candidate Program

AB Junior Jayme Hykes Enlists in Navy Nurse Candidate Program

Hykes EnlistmentPhilippi, W.Va. – Jayme Hykes, a junior nursing student at Alderson Broaddus University, enlisted in the Navy’s Nurse Candidate Program in a ceremony held on the University campus Thursday morning.

The Navy’s Nurse Candidate program is highly prestigious selecting 30 candidates from a pool of over 200 applicants from nursing programs nationwide. Applicants must be at least a sophomore and provide with their applications references from faculty, transcripts as well as a motivational statement.

“There are a lot of factors that made Jayme [Hykes] a good candidate,” said Lieutenant Michael Meador, NC. “One was her strong GPA, in addition to her motivational statement and her references from her instructors.”

“Jayme has shown her knowledge, skills, integrity and abilities in both the classroom and clinical settings,” said Chair of the School of Nursing Kimberly White. “Jayme’s hard work and dedication to succeeding academically and professionally made her a strong candidate for the Navy Nurse Candidate program and ultimately in her achievement of being selected.”

Hykes will receive a stipend to assist her as she completes her degree and upon graduation she will be commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Navy. The Navy Nurse Corps will also provide Hykes with the ability to travel and work in hospitals all over the world.

“I saw this as a rare opportunity to be able to expand my skills beyond what I could learn as a civilian,” Hykes said. “I’m looking forward to traveling and learning about different cultures and more about the military.”

Hykes is the first nursing student from Alderson Broaddus to be selected the Nurse Candidate program. With her selection the Alderson Broaddus School of Nursing moves from Tier Three to Tier Two distinction. As part of the selection process, the School of Nursing curriculum is critiqued by Naval Medicine and Department of Defense.

“This is an honor for the School of Nursing because they had an applicant selected from students at American Universities nationwide,” said Meador. “That means a lot for the curriculum at Alderson Broaddus because the curriculum is critiqued as well when the board is looking at applicants.”

“Jayme’s selection into the Navy Nurse Candidate program shows the strength and rigor of the Alderson Broaddus School of Nursing curricula as it had to be reviewed and accepted by the Department of Defense in order for Jayme to apply to this program,” said White. “Jayme’s selection into this program advanced Alderson Broaddus into a higher tier in the selection criteria for future Navy Nurse Candidates. This will help the success of future students who wish to pursue this opportunity.”

A native of New Philadelphia, Ohio, Hykes is a member of the Honors Program as well as a member of the track & field team.