AB 2021 Post-Graduation Career Report

Alderson Broaddus University (AB) surveys the previous year’s graduates to determine employment and graduate/professional school career information to track trends, evaluate programs and services, and compare data across various disciplines. Within six months of graduating, the Class of 2021 had 100% of its responding graduates employed or attending graduate school.

“The success of our graduates is a testament to the mission of Alderson Broaddus University,” explains Provost & Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Andrea J. Bucklew. “Our faculty and staff are dedicated to preparing students to succeed in their chosen disciplines and fulfill their roles in a diverse society as well-rounded and responsible citizens.”

The process targeted every 2021 graduate, including December 2020 and May/Summer 2021. For six months, the Office of Career Services and Academic Center for Educational Success, headed by Kellie McMillen, used several survey methods to obtain valuable data.

“Career Services gathered information through various methods,” explains McMillian. “First, each graduate received a survey in April at the Graduate Fair. The next strategy we use in obtaining graduate employment outcomes is contacting our faculty and academic departments to obtain graduation data. In addition to emails, phone calls, and text messages, social media and professional profiles were utilized to obtain the most accurate information from nonrespondents.”

McMillian goes on to explain, “Through this extensive process, we obtained an 84% knowledge rate for the class of 2021. ‘Knowledge rate’ is the percentage of graduates for which an institution has reasonably verifiable information concerning the graduates’ post-graduation career activities. 65% is the NACE industry benchmark which we far exceed. We intend to provide a summary of our students’ destinations and help future students with employment and internship opportunities.”

When comparing the data to 2020 statistics, the Class of 2021 increased the overall response rate by 2% from the Class of 2020. The unemployment rate decreased from 9% reported in 2020 to 0% in the Class of 2021. Those attending graduate school rose from 16% in 2020 to 26% in 2021.

Survey recipients were asked the report information such as degree and program of study, standard demographic information, employer, job title, graduate or professional school plans, and if they participated in any internships programs while attending AB.