Meal Plans

Student meal/board plans are managed by the Business Office and linked to your Battler ID card. Campus dining services are managed and operated by Sodexo Dining Services. Board plans may be used at all campus dining facilities, including Heiner Hall, EJ & Emma’s, Jazzman’s, and SubConnection. For more information about dining options, visit

Students living on campus are required to maintain an active board plan, which includes a specified number of meals per week along with a set amount of Battler Bucks per semester. All resident board plans are offered at the same price. Waivers are available from the Office of Student Affairs for students who wish to be exempt from this requirement.

Commuter plans are available for purchase from the Business Office. Commuter students, faculty, staff, and guests without meal plans may purchase meals from any dining facility. At any time, students can purchase additional Battler Bucks for their plan from the Business Office.

Students may request a change to their meal plan by completing the form below. Please note that any change made after the first 10 class days of each semester may not be granted. You must forward the confirmation email to the Business Office at to verify your identity, or your meal plan will not be updated.

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Meal Plan Selection Form
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I understand that if I have already used the Battler Bucks on my current plan, I may not be able to change plans.
Student ID

After submitting this form, please forward the confirmation email to to verify your identity. Your meal plan cannot be changed without this email.