Finally, a program designed to meet the needs of the practicing teachers seeking a graduate degree. We understand that many teachers seek a graduate degree but also wish to continue working with students; these teachers do not wish to become principals, but become better teachers who can affect change, and become leaders within their school.


AB’s Master of Education, Teacher Leader program prepares teachers to assume roles that include, but are not limited to: mentor teacher, lead teacher, department chair, curriculum design specialist, academic coach, technology integration specialist, professional development specialist, and school improvement specialist.

We also know that a teacher’s time is valuable, so we designed our program to be flexible to your schedule and completely online. The Master of Education, Teacher Leader program consists of ten 3-credit hour courses delivered in synchronous and asynchronous online settings. For the full-time student, a master’s degree can be obtained in one full academic year, and for the part-time student, 2 years. All cohorts begin in the fall semester, continue through the spring semester and conclude with a capstone project during summer courses.


Outcomes of the Master of Education, Teacher Leader Program include:

  1.  Proficient with current technologies and exude confidence in using technology to help the learning community approach achievement data in meaningful ways.
  2. Ability to demonstrate by example his/her skills in problem-solving, innovation, communication, and management within and among the educational, professional, and business communities.
  3. Proficient researcher of professional literature, able to analyze and evaluate research findings in relation to methodologies and interventions that increase student achievement and school effectiveness.
  4. Ability to facilitate knowledge of curriculum, instruction, and effective learning culture to students and teachers in the classroom, the school, and the school system.
  5. Distinguished as one who is a leader and collaborator with all community stakeholders.


The Master of Education, Teacher Leader Program rests on three conceptual pillars–leadership, curriculum & instruction, and research. These conceptual pillars align with program outcomes and are centered upon the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and Seven Domains of The Teacher Leader Model Standards (from the Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium.)


EDUC 570: Policy, Law, and Ethics for Teachers

EDUC 810: Leadership Seminar

EDUC 830: Folio Defense

EDUC 790: Internship

Curriculum and Instruction

EDUC 600: Technology for Teacher Leaders

EDUC 550: Instruction by Design

EDUC 770: Classroom Management Strategies

EDUC 780: Societal Issues in Education


EDUC 650: Educational Research I

EDUC 775: Educational Research II