Statement of Support: Every college/university in the United States requires a Statement or Affidavit Support in order to process your I-20 Certificate of Eligibility that a student needs in order to secure a visa. (I-901 for Canadians). You may use any combination of scholarships, financial aid, personal savings, parents, or other permitted sources on the Statement of Support (Statement of Support 2021-2022.)

  • Work Study: It should also be noted that it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT for international students to obtain work study in the United States. Any work-study award is limited by the government, usually around $3,500 per year and cannot be awarded until arrival, so, therefore, cannot be used as a source of support.

Sources of financial aid for international students are not limited to these suggestions:

Please note these are just suggestions and you may find more opportunities on your own. Alderson Broaddus makes no guarantee about any of these suggestions:

International Scholarship Search Engines: Scholarships are gifts from some granting organization. These are gifts to you and they do not have to be repaid. However, watch out for scams. Do not apply for a scholarship that requires a processing fee. Here are some scholarship search engines:

Scholarship Competitions:

Student Loans: Lots of Americans go this route. These are funds that would have to be repaid after graduation, but you might be able to work some of that debt off by working for the Peace Corps, UNICEF, or other international aid organization. Please note that international students do not qualify for the LRAP program.

Agencies: There are some international recruiting agencies that may be able to direct you to local scholarships. Your DSO may be able to refer you to an ICEF certified agent;
however, we will not pay them for helping you unless they are already contracted agencies. They may charge you for their services. Beware that you know what you are signing! Any agency that guarantees any part of your financial aid picture must document that for your Statement of Support.

Sponsors: You are not required to have a sponsor for the F-1 student visa. Please note that Alderson Broaddus will not accept any member of our faculty, staff, or coach to act as a sponsor except for his/her own spouse or child. Your sponsor becomes liable for your debts if you default. If you do use a sponsor:

  • Living in the United States as a citizen or immigrant: That person must complete form I-134 and an independent Statement of Support that will be attached to yours. YYou must file this form at Alderson Broaddus every year you are receiving support. Your sponsor must also file this form with his/her federal income taxes every year he/she is providing support.
  • Sponsor living outside the United States must complete an independent Statement of Support that will be attached to yours.

Other Ideas:

Faith-based sources: Many denominations, including Catholics and Baptists, with international membership, may have scholarships or loans through their organizations. This may be especially true if you or your parents have been missionaries for that denomination. Check with your local clergy or search online. Try

Resources & Scholarships for Catholic College Students:

Your home government: Many home national, state or provincial governments have a variety of financial aid options. This is a very limited list:

Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission

India: Indian Council for Cultural Relations

Mexico: Mexico Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE)


Canada/US Fulbright Program

Scholarships for Canadians

Check your provincial listings:

Alberta Students

Manitoba Students


Ontario Students

Quebec Students (Note: we can only accept documents in English)


International Aid Organizations: Students from developing and emerging countries might find financial aid through international aid organizations like UNICEF, United Nations, Doctors Without Borders, Operation Smile, and countless others. Surf the internet looking for them.

Immigrant Organizations: Some immigrant organizations in the U.S. give scholarships to students from their home country wanting to study in the U.S. This is a very small list:

GoFundMe: Set up a Go Fund Me Account at . Ask everyone you know to make a contribution to your education for your birthday and any holiday. You’ll write this in as personal savings on your Statement of Support Form. US National Guard. Note that students on any sort of visa can no longer join the U.S. National Guard. You must have a permanent residency card to join.

After you graduate from AB:

Online MBA scholarships:

If All Else Fails: In case you can’t get the funding together when you want to start studies, you can always defer admission up to one year without reapplying that would allow you to work and save in your home country and just start a little later.

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