Higher education in the United States is not free. It is generally not even free with state-supported colleges and universities; however, Alderson Broaddus is competitive with most private and public universities regarding international student costs.

Tuition 2023-2024 $32,760
Housing Varies.  Typical freshman housing is $5,430
Meal Plans $5,250
Books Estimated at $1,200 per year
Fees $500
Estimate that must be on your I-20 $45,140 per year

Expenses not covered here include the U.S. mandated health insurance and immunizations, spending money, sending and receiving of documents, enrollment deposit, international fee, or round-trip airfare. There may be additional fees for programs and labs that are not required here but may be on the semester bill.

Financial aid is very, very limited for international students. The United States government requires all international students to have an approved Statement of Support before the I-20 can be issued.

These figures are an estimate and should not be considered the final bill.

Airport Shuttle Service: Alderson Broaddus provides limited free shuttle service from the Pittsburgh Airport. Contact the International Student Coordinator for dates and times. Students arriving at different times or other airports will have to secure and pay for transportation from the airport to campus.

Statement of Support

Other potential sources of Financial Aid outside AB can be found in the Financial Aid section of this website: Finding Financial Aid for International Students. These sources are the student’s responsibility.

Other Fees:

International Student Fee. $100 one-time fee to cover the cost of preparing and shipping documents. This fee is non-refundable.

Enrollment Fee: $200 holds your place as a student at Alderson Broaddus. This fee is refundable if you do not enroll and request a refund by May 1 for Fall admissions and October 1 for Spring admissions. After those dates, the enrollment fee is only refundable if you are denied a visa. The denial slip must accompany the request for a refund.

Form A Deposit: Some students will be required to pay an additional deposit before we issue the I-20:

  • All students from several countries. You will be notified if you are required to pay this deposit and your Statement of Support will reflect this need.
  • All students with government assurances, but not expressly addressed to Alderson Broaddus at the time of enrollment.
  • All students transferring in with a terminated Visa. This is non-refundable.

The Form A Deposit is put toward the first bill. The rest of the bill will still need to be paid to assure continued enrollment. In the case where the deposit is larger than the first bill, the remainder will be put toward a subsequent bill. This deposit is fully refundable, within 30-days of request, if the student does not enroll for any reason.

The Form A Deposit is not refundable after enrollment if the student leaves after the add/drop deadline (third day of classes), the student is expelled or suspended, or loses the adjudication on a terminated I-20.

Paying Your Bill

You can pay your fees, tuition, room, board, and future bills in several ways. Paying by credit card is the fastest and most secure. We also accept certified checks and wire transfers, and Western Union (click here for information about Financial Transactions With AB). If you need to pay tuition and fees by installment, please open an account at Nelnet. Go to www.MyCollegePaymentPlan.com/AB. It’s easy to register, but there is a nominal fee, not interest, to use this service.

We accept:

  • Credit cards. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express but note we assess a 2.75% transaction fee. (We have parents who use credit cards with airline miles to fly their student home at breaks.)
  • Certified checks
  • Wire transfers
  • Western Union
  • Installment payments through our third party.
  • Cash in U.S. dollars – although we do not recommend this for safety reasons

Campus Jobs and Work Study. The United States government assumes that each international student has access to funds, but does not require we document spending money. AB encourages families to take that into consideration since working for wages is next to impossible for international students. Working off-campus is not allowed at all. Working on campus is limited to Sodexo Foodservice. However, after your first year, you are eligible to apply for a job as a Residence Assistant (RA) or a summer job in Facilities. Note that an on-campus job cannot be awarded before the I-20, so should not be considered in your I-20 support. Since there are limits to the amount of money a student can make, a campus job should be considered as spending money, not tuition money. If you are offered a job on campus, you must obtain a US social security number and you will pay taxes on your earnings.

Meet your International Student Coordinator