International Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Please review all of this information prior to submitting your application online. Alderson Broaddus has specific admission criteria that must be met. Some programs may have additional criteria not listed here, so please check the program’s website for the most complete information.

Who is an international student? You are considered an international student if you are not a United States citizen. That includes foreign nationals living with their parents in the United States and attending United States high schools.

Admission requirements for new students:

All international applications must be made on our international platform at From your mobile phone, go to Alderson Broaddus > apply > international. The application is free.

You are a freshman student if you have never attended a college or university after secondary/high school graduation. Students who have taken post-secondary or college courses while enrolled in high school are considered a first-time freshman.

  1. Students who have attended high schools, colleges, or universities outside the United States will need to use (WES) or Educational Perspectives to complete the credential evaluation of all academic work completed. You can access WES at and you can access Education Perspectives at
    Freshman applicants must request a “document-by-document” International Credential Package ICAP evaluation.
    Transfer applicants must request a “course-by-course” International Credential Package ICAP evaluation.
    Recruited athletes must also submit a high school or college transcript in the language it was issued
  2. Acceptable English skills. International students who come from English-speaking countries are exempt. Click here for a list of exempt countries. All other international applicants must demonstrate an acceptable test score. Be sure to have your test results sent to Alderson Broaddus University. We accept:
  3. Demonstrate that you can be successful in an American college by taking the ACT or the SAT test. AB requires a combined score of at least 910 on the SAT or 24 composite scores on the ACT. See these websites to determine which test is available in your area. The tests are offered on a limited number of days so be sure to take the test early. You may take the test more than once and students often do better the second time. Just like the language test, be sure to have your results sent to Alderson Broaddus University.
  4. If you would like some test-taking help, you might want to try one of these resources:

Your Name on Documents

Materials for applicants are filed alphabetically under the family name (surname), as indicated by the applicant on the application form. The family name on the application should be the same name as on your passport. It is important that you use the same name and spelling on all forms, documents, and correspondence. Any changes or variations in names on academic records need to be carefully explained by a cover letter and accompanied by a copy of the identification page of your passport. Variations may also cause needless delays in the acceptance process.

Can I apply as an international student if I have dependents?

Yes, but we cannot accommodate spouses or children in AB Housing at this point; however, bringing dependents would qualify as an exemption from campus housing. Be advised that apartments in Philippi are not always easily available. You will need to document that you have enough financial capabilities to pay for yourself AND your dependents. Remember that the U.S. does not permit an F-2 spouse to work. Please refer to the Student Services section on the left then choose the Dependent Visas section.

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