Commuter students are encouraged to take an active role in the community through academics, participating in the various clubs & organizations, student activities, athletic teams, leadership and any other avenue that expresses their creative and intellectual potential through involvement in programs and activities.

Commuter Lounge

Before, between, and after classes, commuting students are welcome to hangout in the Commuter Lounge, located in Burbick Hall, ground floor.  The Hamer Campus Center offers more options, including plenty of places to hangout and study.


All undergraduate commuters are assigned an on-campus student mailbox.  These mailboxes are located in the Post Office on the ground floor of Hamer Campus Center.  Commuters may pick up their on-campus mailbox keys from the Post Office at the beginning of each semester.  Students are strongly encouraged to check their on-campus mail regularly, as many important documents are sent to their on-campus mailboxes as opposed to their home address.


Commuting students may purchase meals through the Business Office and use their Student ID Card at either the cafeteria, Jazzman’s, or The Cave.  Money is then deducted from the deposited balance with each use.  Commuter meal plans are also an option.


Parking spaces are very limited.  Students are required to have a parking permit on their car, which can be picked up at Physical Plant, located on the ground floor of Burbick Hall.  Commuting students are able to park in commuter designated lots on campus.

Daily Planning

The life of a college student is busy and constantly changing.  In addition to planning for classes, students will need to think about how they would like to get involved in the life of campus.  There are many possibilities!  For commuting students, it is handy to have books and other class necessities in the car, along with a change of clothes, sports gear, a musical instrument, or other items you think you might need.  So… plan ahead and be ready for whatever your day may hold!