Required Courses:

 Course #  Credit Hours Course Name
____BUSI1203Introduction to Marketing
____BUSI3453Marketing Research
____COMM1503Interpersonal Communication
____COMM1753Media Writing
____COMM1853Principles and Practices of Public Relations
____COMM2714Video Production I
____COMM3403Non-Profit and Corporate PR Case Studies
____COMM3503Social Media
____COMM3553Mass Communication Law & Ethics
____COMM4901PR/Communication Campaigns
____JOUR2003Introduction to Journalism
PLUS Three credits from the following:
____JOUR1601Journalism Practicum (on Battler Columns staff)
____JOUR1651Advanced Journalism Practicum** (on Battler Columns staff)
____ENGL2451Practicum in Grant Writing**

** May be repeated for credit

NOTE: ***Students who wish to major in Public Relations are also strongly encouraged to pick up a minor in another field to round out their PR education. Any minor would do, but common ones for PR minors might be Journalism, Video and Radio, Art, or Business. In addition, Introduction to Management (BUSI-160) and Human Resource Management (BUSI-235) are strongly recommended, but not required, courses.

Foreign language: Four semesters of one modern foreign language are required. (See policy on placement in courses)

Liberal Studies program: As outlined on appropriate Liberal Studies Check Sheet with the following exceptions:

  • *ENGL-260 Technical Writing should be taken to fulfill Goal 1-A.2
  • *ART-135 Introduction to Digital Photography should be taken to fulfill Goal II-F
  • *COMM-130 Introduction to Public Speaking should be taken to fulfill Goal 1-A.3

Among requirements for graduation, the student must have a grade point average of 2.00 or higher in the major and have 120 college level credit hours.

Public relations professionals help organizations build and maintain good reputations and communicate effectively with employees, the media, community groups, and others important to their missions. The public relations major at AB provides students with a core of courses essential for today’s public relations professional as well as a wide selection of courses to broaden the student’s understanding of business, the media, communications, and the social sciences.