Major in Public Administration

Bachelor of Science Degree

Course # Credit HoursCourse Name
____BUSI1603Principles of Management
____COMM1503Interpersonal Communication
____PADM1013Introduction to Public Administration*
____PADM4303Public Policy
____PADM4903Field Practicum
____PADM4953Seminar in Public Administration
____POLS2003American national Government*
____POLS2103State and Local Government*
____PSYC2603Statistics and Data Analysis*
____PSYC3303Industrial Organizational Psychology
____SOCI2503Social Science Research Methods
Choose ONE ethics class from the following:
____BUSI2503Ethics in Business
____CJUS4103Ethics in Criminal Justice
____COMM3553Mass Communication Law and Ethics
____PHIL3913Ethics of Health Care*
Choose THREE courses from the following:
____BUSI1703Healthcare Management
____BUSI2353Human Resource Management
____BUSI3363Operations Management
____BUSI2813Business Law I
____CJUS2003Introduction to Criminal Justice
____CJUS4503Criminal Courts and Processes
____COMM1853Principles of Public Relations
____POLS3103Constitutional Law
____SOCI2403Social Problems

LIBERAL STUDIES PROGRAM: As outlined on the appropriate Liberal Studies Check Sheet.

*Indicates courses that also meet Liberal Studies requirements.

Among REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATION, the student must have a grade point average of 2.00 or higher in the major and have 120 college-level credit hours.

What is Public Administration? 

The public administration program is designed to prepare students for careers working around public policy and its implementation in different areas. The most prominent application of this degree program is within civil service at the local, state, or government levels. The public administration field alone has a wide variety of career options, from budget analysis and management to policy development and enforcement. Public administration specialists can also assist with political agendas or even managing large teams that focus on environmental policies, health care policies, or city/neighborhood planning.