Alderson Broaddus University’s Bachelor of Science in Professional Leadership provides a unique opportunity for working adults who earned some college credit to complete a bachelor’s degree in as few as 18 months.

Career Opportunities:

A degree in Professional Leadership can prepare you for a plethora of career paths including the following:

  • Management Consultant
  • Operations Management
  • Human Resources Professional
  • Consumer Relations
  • Training Specialist
  • Non-Profit Executive
  • Project Manager
  • Organizational Trainer
  • Government Official
  • Community Development Specialist
  • Retail Management
  • Sales Training and Coaching
  • Communication Specialist

Structure of the Program:

Alderson Broaddus’ Professional Leadership degree is structured into eight 8-week segments. Two classes are taught in an affordable, integrated, hybrid, and accelerated fashion.

Affordable – tuition is discounted for this program.

Integrated – two classes that feature related material are taught simultaneously.

Hybrid – our classes meet during the first, third, fifth, and seventh weeks in selected areas near where you live and work. All course work is completed online.

Accelerated – classes are 8-weeks in length, so that students can quickly matriculate through the terms.

In addition, the Bachelor of Science in Professional Leadership provides 24 general education credits. Additional general education courses may be required if not already taken.

Financial Aid is available for those who qualify.

Minimum Requirements:

Students must have completed at least 30 hours of college credit including two English composition courses.

All previously earned college credit will transfer as general education credits or electives.

Students must complete the 48 hours in the program and a total of 120 hours to graduate with the Professional Leadership degree.

For more information, contact the Assistant Provost for Extended Learning at 304.457.6222 or at

Required Courses:

NOTE: This is a degree completion program and not available for traditional students.

 Course #  Credit Hours Course Name
____LEAD3103Introduction to Leadership
____LEAD3113Historical Leadership*
____LEAD3153Theories of Leadership*
____LEAD3163Ethical Leadership*
____LEAD3203Communication Skills for Leaders*
____LEAD3213Religious and Social Diversity*
____LEAD3253Organizational Behavior*
____LEAD3263Organizational and Group Communication
____LEAD3303Social Media for Leaders*
____LEAD3313Visual Literacy*
____LEAD3353Human Capital
____LEAD3363Team Building
____LEAD4103Strategic Leadership
____LEAD4113Change Management
____LEAD4153Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
____LEAD4163Leadership Capstone

LIBERAL STUDIES PROGRAM: As outlined on appropriate Liberal Studies Check Sheet.

*Indicates courses that also meet Liberal Studies requirements

Among REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATION, the student must have a grade point average of 2.00 or higher in the major and have 120 college level credit hours.

James Owston

Assistant Provost for Extended Learning
James Owston

Assistant Provost for Extended Learning

(304) 457-6222