Required Courses:

 Course #Credit HoursCourse Name
Music Content
_____MUSC 1011Musicianship I
_____MUSC 1121Found. For the Study of Music
_____MUSC 1352Theory I
_____MUSC 1512Musicianship II
_____MUSC 1851Jazz, World and Electronic Music
_____MUSC 2012Musicianship III
_____MUSC 2352Theory II
_____MUSC 2512Musicianship IV
_____MUSC 2851Music History I
_____MUSC 3302Arranging and Scoring
_____MUSC 3353Theory III
_____MUSC 3552Conducting I
_____MUSC 3652Conducting II
_____MUSC 3852Music History II
_____MUSC 4852Music History III
_____MUAP 4900Exit Recital/Project
Music Education
_____MUED 1321Diction 1*
(All majors)
_____MUED 1301Voice Class* (Instrumental students)
ORMUED 1331Diction 2* (Voice students)
_____MUED 1541Piano Techniques & Pedagogy*
_____MUED 2401Vocal Techniques & Pedagogy*
_____MUED 2501String Techniques & Pedagogy*
_____MUED 2701Percussion Techniques & Pedagogy*
_____MUED 2711Brass Techniques & Pedagogy*
_____MUED 2721Woodwind Techniques & Pedagogy*
_____MUED 3103General Music Methods
_____MUED 3111Lab for General Music Methods
_____MUED 3211Lab in Choral Methods
_____MUED 3253Choral/Instrumental Music Methods
_____MUED 3311Lab for Instrumental Music
* Meet 2 days per week
Professional Education
_____EDUC 1703Foundations of Public Education
_____EDUC 1903Educational Technology Applications
_____EDUC 2603Educational Psychology
_____EDUC 48511Clinical Experience
_____EDUC 4901Capstone: Applied Educational Content Knowledge
_____EDUC 4951Clinical Experience Seminar
_____READ 3003Reading in Secondary Schools
_____SPED 1003Areas of Exceptionality in Special Education
_____SPED 3403Strategies for Inclusive Settings
Other REQUIREMENTS for graduation include:
_____Must complete the University's Liberal Studies Program
_____ Must achieve a 2.00 GPA in the major
_____Seven successful enrollments in MUAP-050 Convocation (0 credit).
_____Ensemble Participation - Main ensemble each semester for seven semesters (1 credit each) = 7 credits
Vocal Emphasis - MUAP-240, Instrumental Emphasis - MUAP-230, Guitar Emphasis - MUAP-222
_____Ensemble Participation - Marching Band = 1 credit - MUAP-235 (Fall offering only)
_____Ensemble Participation - Secondary ensemble in outside area for two consecutive semester (1 credit each) = 2 credits
Vocal Emphasis - MUAP-230, Instrumental Emphasis - MUAP-240
_____Must achieve Professional Status
_____Must achieve a Level 5 in Applied Lesson jury to five an exit project OR a Level 6 to give an exit solo recital.
_____Must take the ETS Music Content Field Exam
_____Must pass the Piano Proficiency Test

The Bachelor of Music Education degree prepares you to teach in the public schools. As a Music Education major, you will take core music classes, lessons on your chosen instrument or voice, and complete the requirements for an exit senior recital (at Level 6) or senior project (at Level 5). In addition, you will take a number of music methods and education courses and will begin observing in the public school classroom your first semester. After various requirements are met, usually by your junior year, you will be accepted into the Teacher Education Program and will be allowed to continue in music education. Student teaching is done spring semester of the senior year. Upon certification, you will be qualified to teach vocal and instrumental music, Pre K-Adult. Certification in West Virginia automatically qualifies you for certification in 35 other states.

Music Auditions