• A student withdrawing from the College, either during an academic term or at the completion of an academic term, must complete a Withdrawal Form available in the Registrar’s Office.
  • Failure to comply with this procedure will result in the recording of an “F” on the student’s permanent record.
  • Withdrawing from the college means withdrawing from all registered courses. This is only permitted with a grade of “W” during the period prior to the last day to withdraw each semester. After the last day to withdraw, a grade in each course must be assigned.

Leave of Absence

  • Under unavoidable situations and for justifiable reasons a student may be granted a Leave of Absence for one semester. A leave is granted only when the absence seems necessary and the student definitely plans to return when the period of absence expires.
  • A Leave of Absence form should be received from and returned to the Registrar by the applicant. The applicant must get the required signatures.
  • The student is not eligible for financial aid from Alderson Broaddus University during this time, and the student will enter his/her grace period for student loan repayment.
  • The college will notify the VA that a student receiving veteran benefits is not enrolled; the student himself/herself must also send such notice to the VA. Any student aid or work assignment formerly held is relinquished.
  • The college cannot make academic adjustments for courses missed.

NOTE: A student in the Physician Assistant Studies Program may be permitted to decelerate by requesting a leave of absence from the Student Progress Committee providing the student has achieved a 3.0 GPA in all current courses. In general, deceleration will require the student to return with the next entering class.

Transcript Requests

  • Persons who desire an official copy of their college record must make a written request to the registrar.
  • All financial obligations to the College must be satisfied before a transcript will be issued, therefore requests should be made at least two weeks before the transcript is needed. Once the repayment period has begun, delinquency related to an educational loan will be regarded to be reason for withholding transcripts.