Course #  Credit Hours Course Name
____BIOL2704Anatomy and Physiology I
____BIOL2714Anatomy and Physiology II
____EXSC1611Strength Training and Conditioning
____EXSC3613Advanced Strength and Conditioning
____EXSC3153Physiology of Exercise
____PLUS ONE of the following courses:
____EXSC4103Exercises for Populations with Chronic Conditions
____EXSC4903Test Taking Strategies for the CSCS Exam

* Students must show proof of Emergency Cardiac Care (CPR) certification

A photocopy of the front and back of a current and valid CPR card MUST
be submitted to the Dean of the College of Health Science prior to graduation

Any student could be eligible to complete the course work to prepare him/her to become a Personal Fitness Instructor or a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. By successfully completing the course work, the student will be eligible to “sit” for either the Personal Fitness Instructor’s examination or the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist’s examination.

Students are eligible to sit for the American College of Sports Medicine and American Cancer Society Cancer Exercise Trainer certification upon completing a Bachelor’s Degree along with 500 hours of experience training older adults or idividuals with chronic conditions.