Is the Alderson Broaddus University Physician Assistant Studies Program accredited?
Yes. Accreditation – Continued status was awarded September 2013. Please see the Accreditation Status icon on the Physician Assistant Studies Program link for detailed information.  The next full review for accreditation will occur in September 2023.


When is the application deadline for the Alderson Broaddus University Physician Assistant Studies Program?
The CASPA application must be complete and verified in CASPA by the March 1st deadline.

If I apply late in the CASPA cycle will The Alderson Broaddus University Physician Assistant Studies Program consider my application?
The AB PA Program operates its admissions process on a rolling cycle. This means that applications are processed and interviews are arranged as applications are received, NOT after the application deadline has passed. It is to the applicant’s benefit to apply early and complete the application as soon as possible. With submission of an application later in the process (before the deadline) your application will still be considered, processed, and interviews arranged; however, after the class fills, applicants will be evaluated for an alternate wait list.

How many students are accepted each year?
A maximum class size of 36 students is accepted each year.

How many prospective students apply each year?
Approximately 2000 applications are received each year.

What is the average GPA of accepted students?
The mean GPA of accepted students is 3.4.

Can I send my application directly to Alderson Broaddus University?
Do not send your application directly to Alderson Broaddus University. Alderson Broaddus University Physician Assistant Studies Program participates in the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA) for the receipt and processing of all applications on a rolling admissions cycle.

Does the AB PA Program require a supplemental application?
A supplemental application is required by Alderson Broaddus University, but there is no fee associated with the submission.

Can I attend the Program part-time?
No, the program does not have a part-time option.

Do I have to have a Bachelor’s degree before I apply to the program?
No.  However, you must have a Bachelor’s degree prior to beginning the program.

Do I have to have health care experience to apply to AB’s PA Program?
No. Health care experience is considered but not required.

Can I work or pursue another degree while in the Program?
Students are discouraged from working or pursuing another degree while in the didactic portion of the program. Students engaged in the clerkship portion of the program are not permitted to work or pursue an alternate degree without written permission of the program director.

Where do PA students live while attending the program?
PA students are able to obtain affordable housing within the town of Philippi.  Once accepted to the program, the program will supply a list of available housing in the area.

Is financial aid available?
To learn more about financial aid, visit the AB Financial Aid Office.

Didactic Year:

What does a typical day look like for a student in the didactic year of the curriculum?
Though the schedule for each semester varies, students can expect to spend no more than 8 hours in the classroom on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; and less than 4 hours in the classroom on Tuesday and Thursday. Starting in the second semester and on a rotating schedule (throughout the week, including the weekend), students will be required to attend simulation experiences and didactic clinical call, which can be up to 8 hours in duration.

What is didactic clinical call?
Didactic clinical call is clinical assignments in operating room, emergency department, and inpatient settings. The clinical assignments occur during the second thru the fourth semesters.

What is the faculty to student ratio?
The AB PA Program employs four full-time PAs (including the program director), one medical director (MD), two part-time PAs, one adjunct PA, two adjunct MDs, and a curriculum and assessment director (EdD.).  All program faculty teach in the program. The faculty to student ratio is 1:4.

What sort of hands-on learning opportunities are available in the didactic year?
In addition to the cadaver lab, students also participate in team-based learning activities in their clinical problem solving course, simulation lab activities, didactic clinical call, and physical exam lab.  In addition, students will engage with standardized patients to hone their history taking, physical exam, and communication skills.

Are there breaks between semesters?
Students will enjoy several breaks throughout the curriculum, both between and within semesters.

Clinical Year:

Where will I obtain my clinical clerkship experience?
Alderson Broaddus University Physician Assistant Studies Program has a multitude of sites generally within 300 miles of campus.  Students will be assigned to a region and will complete all rotations in that region dependent on preceptor availability.

Will I be able to request an “elective” clinical clerkship?
Students may request an elective clerkship for their elective experiences. The clinical coordinator will review, evaluate, arrange and approve these requests.

Will I be returning to campus during the clinical clerkship year?
There will be clerkship call back days held on campus on the last two days of each eight-week period of time (a schedule will be provided). Attendance at all components of the call back days is required. During this time, students will be involved with such activities as testing, advising sessions, clinical skills workshops, and board review lectures.

Am I responsible for costs to/from campus for call back days?
Yes. Estimated costs are reflected in the Physician Assistant Studies Program brochure.

Can I arrange my own clerkship experiences?
No. All clerkships are arranged by the program faculty/clinical coordinators.