Alderson Broaddus University School of Nursing offers an innovative opportunity for licensed practical nurses to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing without sacrificing work and family responsibilities. Designed to meet the needs of the LPN, the LPN-­BSN Program offers the following program benefits:

  • Complete the bachelor’s degree in nursing in approximately 36 months of full-time study.
  • Convert accredited LPN education into 20 college credits.
  • Attend classes one weekend per month and clinical four days per month, minimizing interference with work schedules and family responsibilities.
  • Attend small classes with the same students throughout the program.
  • Gain satisfaction from fulfilling an educational goal.
  • Elective class available for the School Nurse Option.
  • Gain communication and management skills.
  • Strengthen your position in the job market.
  • Graduates from Alderson Broaddus University’s LPN-BSN Program are required to complete 120 credits, which include credit requirements in nursing and the Liberal Studies program.

For additional information on this exciting opportunity, contact:

Jill Weingart
LPN-BSN Program Director
(304) 457-6389

Required Courses:

 Course #Credit HoursCourse Name
_____MATH3Any math course that meets Liberal Studies Goal I-B
_____CSCI 2253Medical Informatics*
_____PHIL 3913Ethical Perspective on Health Related Issues
_____PSYCH 2203Human Development*
Plus the following professional courses
_____NRSG 2054Transition to Professional Nursing
_____NRSG 2503Lifespan Physical & Health Assessment
_____NRSG 2603Acute Psychosocial Nursing
_____NRSG 2703Pharmacology for Nursing Care of Adults I
_____NRSG 2805Nursing Care of Adults I
_____NRSG 3103Nursing Research
_____NRSG 3305Nursing Care of Childbearing Families
_____NRSG 3405Nursing Care of Adults II
_____NRSG 3706Nursing Care of Children
_____NRSG 3805Nursing Care of Adults III
_____NRSG 4105Care of the Patient with Complex Health Issues I
_____NRSG 4204Community Mental Health Nursing
_____NRSG 4301Improving Critical Thinking through Test-Taking Strategies NCLEX-RN Part I
_____NRSG 4503Nurse as Manager
_____NRSG 4605Care of the Patient with Complex Health Issues II
_____NRSG 4703Community as Client
_____NRSG 4801Improving Critical Thinking through Test-Taking Strategies: NCLEX-RN Part II

Foreign Language: Not Required

Liberal Studies Program: As outlined on appropriate Liberal Studies Check Sheet.

* Indicates courses that also meet Liberal Studies requirements

Among requirements for graduation, the student must earn a grade of C or higher in all required nursing and support courses, a 2.5 cumulative GPA and a 2.0 average in the major, and must pass a comprehensive examination, planned and administered by the major division or department.