Major in Legal Studies

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Required Courses:

 Course #  Credit Hours Course Name
____COMM2403Argumentation & Persuasion
____CJUS2003Intro to Criminal Justice
____CJUS3403Principles of Criminal Law
____CJUS4503Criminal Courts & Process
____LEGL2003Intro to Law and Society
____LEGL2803American Legal History
____LEGL3003Civil Rights and Liberties
____LEGL3503Legal Research and Writing
____LEGL5003Field Practicum
____PHIL2903Applied Logic
____POLS2003American National Government*
____POLS3103Constitutional Law
PLUS 3 credit hours in a law elective from any discipline (International Law or Business Law recommended)
PLUS 3 credit hours of ethics from any discipline:
PLUS one of the following:
____CJUS5503Seminar in Criminal Justice
____HIST5103Seminar in History
____POLS5503Seminar in Political Science
Recommended but not required:
____ENVS3403Environmental Policy and Regulation
____LEGL3903Special Topics in Legal Studies (may be repeated for credit)
____POLS2103State & Local Government
____SOCI3403Social Problems

Foreign language: Three semesters of one modern foreign language are required. (See policy on placement in courses)

Liberal Studies program: As outlined on the appropriate Liberal Studies Check Sheet.

Among REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATION, the student must have a grade point average of 2.00 or higher in the major and have 120 college-level credit hours.

Careers In Legal Studies

The legal studies major is designed for students who wish to attend law school or to pursue other careers in the legal field such as court clerks, paralegals, mediators, etc. Legal studies is an interdisciplinary, liberal arts major that engages the meanings, values, practices, and institutions of law and legality. The legal studies curriculum examines how law shapes and is shaped by political, economic, and cultural forces. The major is designed to stimulate a critical understanding of and inquiry about the theoretical frameworks, historical dynamics, and cultural embeddedness of law.

  • The legal studies major at Alderson Broaddus University is a multidisciplinary program designed to provide students with the professional skills and content knowledge necessary for success in law school or a variety of other legal careers.
  • Students enrolled in the major will take courses in legal research and writing, argumentation and logic, legal principles and history, civil rights and liberties, and ethics.
  • Preparation for professional exams (LSAT, paralegal licensing exam, etc.) can also be obtained.
  • Students gain real-world experience by participating in an internship during their senior year.
  • Careers available to a graduate of the legal studies program include
    • Arbitrators or mediators
    • Attorneys
    • Court clerks and administrators
    • Government, labor, or union relations
    • Judges, magistrates, hearing officers
    • Legal assistants, paralegals
    • Legislative liaisons
    • Lobbyists
    • Politicians
    • Research Associates
    • Social Workers
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, strong growth is anticipated over the next 10 years in these fields, including:
    • Arbitrators and mediators, 10.8% growth
    • Attorneys, 9.8% growth
    • Court clerks, 10.6% growth
    • Paralegals/Legal Assistants 16.7% growth