Required Courses:

 Course #  Credit Hours Course Name
____CJUS2003Introduction to Criminal Justice
____CJUS2103Crime and Deviant Behavior
____CJUS3003Law Enforcement and Police Operations
____CJUS3203Correctional Systems
____CJUS3403Principles of Criminal Law
____CJUS3903Special Topics in Criminial Justice
____CJUS4003Criminal Investigations
____CJUS4103Ethics in Criminal Justice
____CJUS4503Criminal Courts and Procedures
____CJUS5003Field Practicum in Criminal Justice
____CJUS5503Seminar in Criminal Justice
____POLS2003American National Government*
____POLS2103State and Local Government
____POLS3103Constitutional Law
____PSYC2603Statistics and Data Analysis*
____PSYC4003Social Psychology
____PSYC4203Abnormal Psychology
____SOCI1903Introduction to Sociology*
____SOCI2403Social Problems
____SPAN1103Elementary Spanish I
____SPAN1113Elementary Spanish II
____SPAN2203Intermediate Spanish I
____SPAN2213Intermediate Spanish II

Liberal Studies Program: As outlined on the appropriate Liberal Studies Check Sheet

*Indicates courses that also meet Liberal Studies requirements

Among requirements for graduation, the student must have a 2.00 average in the major and must pass a comprehensive examination administered by the major division department.

The criminal justice program is a multidisciplinary major designed to give students the knowledge base to understand the difficult issues associated with law enforcement, the complexity of human behaviors related to crime, and the multiplicity of agencies, organizations, and units of government necessary to work effectively as a law enforcement professional. This is a course of study that requires students to adopt a serious approach to professional study and preparation and develop a high level of maturity and judgment. Any history of criminal offenses would prevent a student from gaining employment in this field and would disqualify them from field practicum or internships at law enforcement agencies arranged through the college.