Major in Criminal Justice (Extended Learning/not offered on AB’s Campus)

Bachelor of Science Degree

NOTE: This is a degree completion program and not available for traditional students.

Required Courses:

 Course #  Credit Hours Course Name
____CJUS2003Introduction to Criminal Justice
____CJUS2103Crime and Deviant Behavior
____CJUS3003Law Enforcement and Police Operations
____CJUS3203Correctional Systems
____CJUS3403Principles of Criminal Law
____CJUS3903Special Topics in Criminal Justice
____CJUS4003Criminal Investigations
____CJUS4103Ethics in Criminal Justice
____CJUS4503Criminal Courts and Procedures
____CJUS5003Field Practicum in Criminal Justice
____CJUS5503Seminar in Criminal Justice
____COMM1503Interpersonal Communication
____GEOG2003Principles of Physical and Human Geography
____POLS2003American National Government*
____POLS2103State and Local Government
____POLS3103Constitutional Law
____PSYC2603Statistics and Data Analysis*
____PSYC4003Social Psychology
____PSYC4203Abnormal Psychology
____RELG2803Religions of the World*
____SOCI1903Introduction to Sociology*
____SOCI2403Social Problems

LIBERAL STUDIES PROGRAM: As outlined on appropriate Liberal Studies Check Sheet

* Indicates courses that also meet Liberal Studies requirements

Among REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATION, the student must have a grade point average of 2.00 or higher in the major and have 120 college level credit hours.