College of Humanities & Social Sciences at AB

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is the backbone of a high-quality AB education, as every student receives instruction from faculty based on a liberal arts foundation. Nearly 70% of faculty hold terminal degrees and have real-world experience in their fields of instruction. Students are prepared for real-world experience, as almost every program requires a practicum, internship, or both. Opportunities for students to gather additional professional expertise, include: being part of the student-run newspaper, the Battler Columns, and Influx, the annual student-led publication highlighting AB writers, artists, and photographers. Each program in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences prepares students for related employment and graduate school. Faculty serve as mentors to students and advisers to various campus organizations, including Greek, social, and academic clubs. Students have the opportunity to study abroad with the Semester in Europe program; AB has offered this unique international classroom since 1965.

Why Humanities & Social Sciences at AB?

  • Nearly 90% of our programs have real-world practicum and/or internship experiences.
  • Students have the opportunity to study abroad with the Semester in Europe program.
  • Criminal justice is a dynamic field with numerous job opportunities in law enforcement, corrections, homeland security, and juvenile justice.
  • Our Mass Communication majors receive an in-depth look at many facets of communication, from audio and video production to social media.
  • Psychology is designed for students to move into graduate school or a chosen career upon graduation.
  • Public Administration is designed for the student to serve in the executive arm of local, state, and the federal government.
  • Public Relations students gain communication, writing, business, and journalism experience to prepare them for this exciting field.
  • Journalism students learn to write, edit, and report news articles for broadcast and publication and explore various legal issues.
  • The Legal Studies major is designed for students who wish to attend law school or pursue other careers in the legal field such as court clerks, paralegals, mediators, etc.
  • Students leave AB with a holistic worldview and are prepared for real-world employment and graduate school.