College of Education at AB

The College of Education is deeply committed to the mission of the University in “providing our majors with the highest quality education, striving to prepare them to succeed in their chosen disciplines and to fulfill their roles in a diverse society as well-rounded and responsible citizens.”

Our College does that through real-life educational field experiences and interaction with children in classroom settings. Technology for tomorrow is integrated throughout the curriculum. And our students are actively involved in the University community as they participate in community, extracurricular, Greek events, and more! Furthering the University’s mission, our focus is that teaching is more than books and learning, it is a “CALLING” to a profession of dedicated individuals who understand the ever-changing demands, challenges, and opportunities facing today’s youth. Many times we are called not only to be a teacher but a mentor to our own future. We see the future baker, doctor, lawyer, coal miner, and so many more future productive members of our society.

Our majors actively engage in literacy programs that benefit school-age students as well as whole communities. We challenge our students to seek quality performance opportunities in a caring community. The College promotes programs such as Shape America to foster healthy lifestyles among school-age students along with an interest in lifetime fitness for everyone. Our College charge is to prepare our students to meet and provide for tomorrow’s students in more ways than just academics; we often become the emotional, physical, and moral guide in their lives.

Teacher Education Accreditation

The teacher education program is accredited by the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP) and the West Virginia Department of Education. The Alderson Broaddus University College of Education will notify prospective students if our curriculum does not meet state requirements of the student’s home state and/or notify enrolled students within 14 calendar days that our curriculum does not meet state requirements.

P.O. Box 7511
Fairfax Station, VA  22039-9998

West Virginia Department of Education
1900 Kanawha Boulevard East
Building 5, Room 205
Charleston, WV 25305

Why Education at AB?

  • The College of Education has an excellent record for placing our students in their respective field after graduation.
  • The College offers three majors to students: Elementary Education K-6, Secondary Education 5-Adult Math and Social Studies and Physical Education Pre K-Adult.
  • The College also offers endorsements in: Special Education K-6, 5-Adult, Middle School 5-9 Math and Social Studies, and Health in conjunction with Physical Education.
  • Closely associated with the College of Education is the opportunity for an associate degree as well as a minor in Education.
  • Students majoring in Education can also take advantage of the opportunity to minor in Athletic Coaching.
  • Education majors participate in activities sponsored by the West Virginia Educators Association and American Federation of Teachers.
  • Students take part in activities sponsored by the College Student Education Association.
  • All College faculty have public education classroom teaching experience, are respected instructors, and are considered practitioners in their respective fields.