The University seeks to give its students opportunities for participation and leadership in campus organizations, interest groups, professional societies, and organized activities. Campus organizations are open to all current students. If interested in joining a student organization you can contact the Office of Student Affairs at for further information.

  • A.M.P.D. – the purpose of AMPD is to create a campus atmosphere of acceptance for any and all diverse demographics. This pertains to, but is not limited to those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning, as well as welcome those of different religions, ethnic backgrounds, gender, sexuality, social class, and other defining factors. We will inform and spread awareness of such diversities through events centered around building a community that is knowledgeable and understanding of the many diversities on campus.
  • Battler Brigade – The mission of this organization is to encourage more student participation at all Alderson Broaddus University athletic events.  This organization will help promote school pride through having the authority to organize pep rallies; decorate campus to support the athletic teams; organize student sections at athletic events; organize road trips to away games; fundraise for organizational purposes; and organize any other events that promote school pride and spirit.
  • Campus Activities Board (CAB) – is involved with the planning of student activities on campus in order to promote cultural, recreational, educational, community, and social interest programming.
  • International Student Association and Friends (ISAF) – desires to establish a community where international students can support one another, learn from their different cultural backgrounds and experiences, and share their global diversity with the rest of the campus community. It is also an organization where other students can support international students and learn about different cultures.
  •  Men of Purpose (MOP) – The mission of the Men of Purpose organization is to unite diverse college men of similar values.  We aim to improve relationships among the diverse college student population, and the surrounding community.  To provide a safe environment to discuss controversial topics, and issues that have relevance to diverse college population.  To provide personal and professional development opportunities’ for collegiate men.  Lastly, to facilitate educational, social, and recreational activities to add to the overall college experience.
  • Outdoor Club – promotes fellowship, healthy outdoor activities, environmental awareness, and stewardship, and the establishment of lifelong habits of healthy active living for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Power of Women (POW) – The purpose of the P.O.W. organization is to unite a group of diverse collegiate women to construct and instill empowerment through programming, community outreach, and leadership.
  • Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) – is made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student athlete experience. The SAAC also offers input on the rules, regulations, and policies that affect student athletes’ lives on NCAA member institution campuses.
  • Student Government Association (SGA) – SGA is the student body government with the goal to promote the participation of students in all areas of university life and achieve a high degree of cooperation among members of the university community. SGA is the voice of the students and made up of student representatives elected yearly, with the mission to facilitate a great student experience while at AB.
  • Tabletop Gaming Guild (TTGG) – The purpose of the Tabletop Gaming Guild is to provide a fun, stress free environment for students and faculty by playing board games.

The University seeks to give its students opportunities for participation and leadership in campus organizations, interest groups, professional societies, and organized activities. Professional and honor societies reinforce the student’s academic purposes within their major and include:

  • Alpha Beta Nu – An organization to bring Alderson Broaddus nursing students together to provide support, education, and to bring the name of AB nursing to the community though promoting and improving the health of all.
  • Alderson Broaddus Athletic Training Club – The purpose of the Alderson Broaddus Athletic Training Club is to serve as a student organization for the Athletic Training major at Alderson Broaddus University and to promote awareness of professional organizations within the field of athletic training.
  • Battler Columns – the newspaper of Alderson Broaddus University is a student-run publication. Students, with guidance from a faculty advisor, write stories, make editorial decisions, practice layout and design, take and crop photographs, and design advertisements. By running the paper, students learn valuable lessons about the newspaper industry.
  • Hu C. Myers – is the Physician Assistant program’s organization open to members of the current PA class. The organization promotes continued learning within the PA profession, community involvement and service, and works to keep the students of the PA graduate program at ABU connected.
  • Phi Beta Lambda – the purpose of Phi Beta Lambda is to encourage the involvement of students in the study of business and associated enterprises. The organization is primarily open to students in business, political science, and sports management majors.
  • Political Science Association – is a general interest Political Science organization in conjunction with the American Political Science Association.  The two organizations function as a whole in all meetings and activities.  This is in order to include all those with an interest in politics as a hobby or career, and serves to provide members with both educational and social experiences; to increase interest in the field of political science; to encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly politics and government procedures.
  • Student Psychology Association  – The Student Psychology Association is a general interest Psychology organization in conjunction with Psi Chi.  The two organizations function as a whole in all meetings and activities.  This is in order to include all those with an interest in psychology as a hobby or career, and serves to provide members with both educational and social experiences; to increase interest in the field of psychology; and to encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly psychology and social interaction.
  • Zeta Alpha Gamma – ZAG is the natural science organization on campus. It provides science majors with the opportunity to network with each other as well as gain valuable information in relation to their fields.

Religion plays a significant role in the life of the campus community. Although an American Baptist University, AB’s religious programming is nonsectarian and students of all religious faiths find opportunities for worship, fellowship, and religious activities in addition to mission and other service opportunities.

All students are welcome to participate in the weekly chapel service on Thursdays at 11:00 a.m. in Wilcox Chapel, with outstanding speakers and programs brought to the campus. Chapel is voluntary and is actively supported by faculty, staff, and students. The University also encourages students to become actively involved in local churches. The Chaplain’s Office sponsors regular mission trip opportunities for faculty, staff, and students throughout the year.

  • Baptist Campus Ministries (BCM) – the purpose of BCM is to provide an opportunity for students to fellowship, worship, and learn through Bible study.
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) – aims to combine people’s passion for sports with their passion for Christ, teaching them how these two worlds do not have to be separate. This group provides devotional, spiritual, and social opportunities to all students and athletes.

Student organizations which provide service to the campus and community include those listed below. All student organizations are required to participate in service and adopt at least one service project per semester.

AB is also proud to be a member of the West Virginia Campus Compact. Campus Compact is a national coalition of more than 1,100 College and University Presidents—representing some 6 million students— who are committed to fulfilling the civic purposes of higher education.

  • The AB Mission Team – dedicated to the service of others while learning and growing as individuals. Activities include on campus events as well as out of state and international trips.
  • NOVO (CSC) – provides information on service opportunities available in the community and supports students and campus organizations in carrying out the many service projects during the year. NOVO also supports faculty and students interested in incorporating service into coursework.

Alderson Broaddus University is home to seven Greek organizations.  The Greek community is comprised of three local fraternities, three local sororities, and one national sorority.  All Greek organizations are governed by the All Greek Council.

  • All Greek Council – The purpose of the All Greek Council is to establish effective and worthwhile relationships among the fraternities and sororities to help maintain Greek customs, and to give general supervision of Greek activities.  All Greek Council membership consists of two representatives from each Greek organization with the President of each Greek organization being one of the representatives.  The Council plans the rushes, oversees the pledge periods and coordinates the events for Greek Week.  It also helps to plan inter-fraternity/sorority functions (trips, parties, money-making projects, newsletter, etc.).  All Greek Council operates under the general supervision of the Office of Student Affairs.
  • Epsilon Tau Eta Sigma fraternity – is a social and academic leadership fraternity that’s purpose is to promote friendship and to encourage the principles of cooperation and companionship among the members and the college community. The organization works to provide a social and religious atmosphere on campus which will be fostered by the members, promoted by the students, and encouraged by the faculty and staff.
  • Kappa Alpha Psi is a social fraternity focused on supporting the purposes of colleges and universities.  The objectives are:
    • To unite college men of culture, patriotism and honor in a bond of fraternity;
    • To encourage honorable achievement in every filed of human endeavor;
    • To promote the spiritual, social, intellectual, and moral welfare of its members;
    • To assist the aims and purposes of colleges and universities; and
    • To inspire service in the public interest
  • Lambda Sigma Phi sorority – is an academic Greek organization and the purpose is to promote friendship, to encourage association among various majors and to establish a group to participate in campus functions, to promote social activities for the whole campus community as well as among the members, to promote scholarship among members by emphasizing academics as a top priority, and to show interest in the University and community by performing at least two service projects each semester.
  • Phi Kappa Delta sorority – AB Greek organization with the purpose: to create through service, a sense   of   responsibility, encourages academic achievement, provide an opportunity for leadership, promote an integrated fellowship, and stimulate social activities.
  • Sigma Alpha Iota, music sorority – a women’s national organization, who have a desire and appreciation for musical growth, to increase the interest in the art of music throughout the campus and community, to support the music department in its endeavors, to encourage academic integrity from its members, and to give back to the community and campus with service and monetary contributions.
  • Sigma Delta Nu fraternity – AB Greek athletic based organization known as the “Delphics.” The main purpose is to enrich and broaden the friendship of those chosen to membership, to provide an intimate group in which each individual may have an opportunity to develop his finest qualities through the stimulus of the group, to foster fine group life, to stimulate real school spirit through loyalties, to train an appreciation of people in such a way that the desire and opportunity for friendship is in no way limited by the boundaries of group member, and to perform such services as to benefit the campus and community.
  • Theta Tau Upsilon, fraternity of music – established to promote the understanding and appreciation of music through education, performance, and endeavoring to be positive leaders and examples in a strong fraternal spirit.
  • Zeta Eta Theta sorority – strives to create a more unified and diverse female student athlete body, to grow interest and enthusiasm to participate in Greek life on campus, to extend a helping hand to the community, to form lifelong friendships between the members of our sorority, and to inspire academic excellence that is within each member.
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