The Alderson Broaddus University BattlerBand was formed in 2012 and has become a vital part of athletic events. The BattlerBand performs at halftime of all home and select away football games. The Pep Band has an increasing presence at men and women’s basketball games as well as other sporting events.

As the largest student spirit group on campus, the BattlerBand is committed to making each performance as energetic and fun as possible. While still young, the enthusiasm and support for this group have been astronomical, having gained a positive reputation with nearly every group on campus and being established in the region.

In the coming years, the BattlerBand will be seen at competitions throughout the tri-state area.

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Marching Band on sideline

Greetings from Philippi, West Virginia! The band program, along with the rest of the Spirit Squads, have become a vital part of the activity around campus. Joining the band will provide you with outstanding friendships, great experiences, and a boatload of fun times. We work hard and play hard (no pun intended!) and each year, we perform for more and more people, increasing the excitement for the program and AB. If you’ve been playing an instrument all your life or never dreamed of being in the band, I encourage you to contact me to see what we can do for you! Check back often for updates to the site, and GO BATTLERS!

Valarie Huffman
Director of Bands
Phone: (304) 457-6207
Why join?
   It’s fun! College Marching Band isn’t about preparing for auditions or playing every single note perfectly all the time; it’s about entertainment and service to the university. From Day 1 of band camp, you’ll gain lasting friendships and a support network like none other. We support all of the athletic teams on campus and want to add YOU to the program!
Do I need to be a musician to join?
    NO! We accept and encourage all skill levels. All of the equipment and training will be provided for you, and during band camp, you’ll learn how to be a vital member of the band.
I heard band takes a lot of time, so I’m hesitant.
    One of the beauties of college marching band is that we don’t compete. We still want to put an exciting product on the field, so we rehearse each week to accomplish that. Don’t think of it as ‘having rehearsal’, but a chance to have fun and enjoy being with your friends.
Will it interfere with my studies?
    At AB, your academics will always be your first priority. The marching band, like every other organization, falls second to classes. We have study hours set up each week so students can have a chance to study in groups or by themselves in a quiet environment.
Are there scholarships available?
    OH YEAH! Fill out the questionnaire below to receive more information about them!
Marching Band fundraiser
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