The Teacher Education Program of Alderson Broaddus University

Candidate Performance

The Teacher Education Program at Alderson Broaddus University is committed to the training and development of competent beginning teachers who have demonstrated competency as Informed, Thoughtful and Sensitive educators.

Our program regularly gathers and analyzes data from teacher candidates, recent graduates and cooperating faculty in order to evaluate program efficacy.  Data is collected from a variety of sources. Among the sources of data used to make program decisions the faculty of the Teacher Education Program carefully reviews the performance of candidates in academic achievement, national examinations, and   review of candidate performance in clinical settings by college faculty and cooperating teachers.

The links below provide data on candidate performance.

•  Candidate Performance on National Examination – Principals of Learning and Teaching
•  Candidate Academic Performance – PRAXIS II Content Scores and GPA
•  Supervised Clinical Experiences
•  Program Completion and Certification Percentage