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International Studies
Alderson Broaddus University offers academic minors in international studies and offers at least six international studies opportunities for students to study in, and experience, other countries.
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Liberal Studies
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The Liberal Studies program at Alderson Broaddus University has been designed to meet criteria stated in the mission statement of the College; particularly, all academic programs will be based upon a strong Liberal Arts foundation which prepares students for responsible citizenship and lifelong learning.

All applicants to the physician assistant program who will note have their bachelors degree upon entering the college must also complete the following Liberal Studies Courses PRIOR to enrolling into the Physician Assistant program:

• College freshman level composition (3 credit hours)
• Second college level composition (3 credit hours)
• Speech:  Public Speaking (3 credit hours)
• *Math:  College Algebra or higher level (3 credit hours)
• Introductory course in computers (3 credit hours)
• *Four credit hours of science with a lab
• Introduction to the Bible, or Old Testament, or New Testament (3 credit hours)
• **Psychology (3 credit hours)
• Introduction to Political Science, or American Government, or Introduction to Economics, or Micro-economics, or Macro-economics (3 credit hours)
• Six credit hours of U.S. History or World History
• Literature (3 credit hours)
• Four credit hours of Art, Music, Theatre, or Creative Writing

NOTE:  See college catalog for complete details on the Liberal studies program at Alderson Broaddus University.

Those students who will have a Bachelor's Degree upon enrolling at the college will only need to have met the religion course and the philosophy requirement.

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