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Program Features

The Online RN -BSN Program is designed to be completed in 18 months. RNs admitted to the Alderson Broaddus University  Department of Nursing Online RN-BSN Program will be assigned a nursing faculty member who advises the student relative to course registration and other academic issues as needed. Making the transition from associate degree nursing to baccalaureate professional nursing can be challenging and as one of the steps to success, the program as designed a required course that facilitates that transition.

1.    Credit by examination.

2.    Credit by transfer. There is no limit to the amount of credits that can be transferred in.

3.    Credit by escrow.  Upon completion of 10 semester credit hours at Alderson Broaddus University in the Nursing major and a GPA of 2.5, the student may receive up to 40 semester hours of credit toward the required 120 credits necessary for graduation. Escrow credits are held in trust until the student demonstrates their academic competency as defined in the policy. These credits are granted for a block of coursework commensurate with the student's prior education and licensure.

    1.    Each student's academic transcript will be evaluated by the academic advisor, in consultation with the registrar, for the following:

    a.    Original degree granting institution and/or other higher education institution where nursing classes are identifiable as "Nursing" on the transcript.
    b.    A record of transcripted nursing classes and applicable credits where a passing grade of "C" or better was obtained. No nursing credits will be accpeted from courses where a grade of "D" or "F" was earned.
    c.    Calculate the total number of academic credits for nursing courses.