Program expenses are based on current tuition and fees for the 27-month Program. Yearly increases are typical and likely to occur. Clinical phase travel and housing expenses are based on estimated living expenses, mileage costs to and from clinical locations, and expenses related to local hotel housing during call back days.

Direct Costs (Estimated)

Summer 2018Fall 2018Spring 2019Summer 2019Fall 2019Spring 2020Summer 2020
General Fee$105$105$105$105
Allied Health Fee$100$100$100$100
Parking Fee$100$100$100$100
Graduation Fee$125
Courses, BLS, ACLS$50$180
Electronic Patient Logging System$150$150$150

Total for Didactic Phase: $56,740

Total for Clinical Phase: $42,235

Estimated Direct Cost: $98,975

Indirect Costs (Estimated)

Medical Instruments (Lab Supplies)$200
Background Check / Drug Screen$119
History and Physical Examination$250
Clinical Phase Travel$6,800
Didactic / Clinical Phase Housing$6,048 - $10,500 per phase
Capstone Housing$2,000 - $2,500
Housing During Call Back Days$1,210
Health Insurance$5,400 - $13,500
Amount will vary based on provider. Health insurance is a REQUIREMENT of our program due to many affiliations we have with various hospitals/clinics etc.

Estimated indirect cost: $24,427-$37,479

Total estimated cost: $123,402-$136,454

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