Congratulations on choosing Alderson Broaddus University as your higher education destination!  As a student at our University, I welcome you to a whole new experience that will provide you with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to propel you to new heights.

At Alderson Broaddus, we pride ourselves in having a caring faculty, a welcoming campus and an array of resources to support you along the way so You Can Do That Here!”

  • Is it an athletic team that brings you to AB?  We have numerous teams of student athletes who have demonstrated their ability to succeed both on and off the field. They successfully mingle their passion for their sport with success in the classroom in the major of their choice! – You Can Do That Here!
  • Are you interested in joining one of our Greek organizations? You Can Do That Here!
  • Is it community service, outdoor activities, or intramurals that you crave? – You Can Do That Here!
  • Are you the studious type and want a quiet place to grow and learn? You Can Do That Here!
  • Is your future in business, criminal justice, humanities, teacher education or furthering your academics in other professional fields (e.g., medicine, dentistry, nursing, physician assistant, physical therapy, etc.)? You Can Do That Here!

Whatever your dreams and aspirations, we are ready to help you achieve new heights as you learn to grow, learn to serve or learn to excel around the campus – Did I mention, You Can Do That Here!

When you enroll at Alderson Broaddus, you will be assigned an academic adviser who will be your “go-to” person during your journey toward your degree at ABU.  You will begin your journey, you may start out in large classes (which is a relative term – typically 75-100 students); but make no mistake, our faculty pride themselves in learning who you are, where you sit and how you perform in their class.  As you successfully complete your courses, semester-by-semester, large classes give way to smaller, more personal attention from faculty who are renowned in their discipline and whose professional achievements make them ideal role models for you.  You will enjoy soaking in what it is they have to share with you.  Their commitment to your success will spur you on as you achieve your potential at Alderson Broaddus University.

I personally hope that your choice brings you fulfillment and helps you to become what our mission endeavors to achieve; that is:

To provide our students with the highest quality education, striving to prepare students to succeed in their chosen disciplines and to fulfill their roles in a diverse society as well-rounded and responsible citizens.

Do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any additional assistance to you.  It does matter where you earn your degree and at ABU, You Can Do That Here!

With warm regard,

Joan Propst, EdD, RN

Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Joan Propst

Joan Propst

Provost, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Andrea Bucklew

Andrea Bucklew

Associate Provost
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