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Eighty percent of the University's students come from households with incomes of less than $40,000 annually. For these students, scholarships are the only means of attaining a high-quality education at a private liberal arts institution such as Alderson Broaddus University. In 2010-11, the University was able to provide students with more than $675,000 in endowed scholarship aid. While significant, more scholarship aid is needed to allow the College to serve more students.

How You Can Help
Because of the impact on students in perpetuity, named, endowed scholarships at AB continue to be a wonderful way to honor and memorialize family members and other loved ones. Through scholarships, student lives are changed forever.

Scholarships may be funded with gifts of cash, stock, or life insurance, as well as through life income gifts for which the remainder is designated for scholarships. Many current scholarships have been funded through bequests.The AB Advancement Office staff can work with you on the funding details, as well as in drafting a scholarship agreement. Click here for a list of AB scholarships in need of endowment.

 If you have questions about endowing a scholarship, contact:

Jay Nussel, Vice President for Institutional Advancement 
Ph. 304.457.6581

Todd Mittelmeier, Director of Individual Giving and Liaison to Athletics
Ph. 304.457.6393

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Scholarships

Q. What level of funding is needed to endow a scholarship at AB?
The current minimum level is $20,000 to endow a named scholarship. It is possible to establish the scholarship fund with a lesser amount and add to it over a period of 3-5 years with gifts from other family members and friends until the endowment level is reached.

For a scholarship with specific criteria or designations, $100,000 is required to endow. It may also be funded over a period of years if the donor desires.

Q. May I decide how the scholarship is to be awarded?
For a named, endowed scholarship at the $20,000 level, criteria may include general qualifications such as good academic standing, personal moral integrity, and need for financial assistance.

For a named, endowed scholarship at the $100,000 level, criteria may be more specific and include students in certain majors, from certain geographic areas, or with certain career aspirations.

In general, it is easier for the University to administer and award scholarships with less specific criteria. By policy, all scholarship agreements include wording that allows the University to consider all students eligible for financial aid if students with specific criteria preferences cannot be found. This ensures that all scholarships can be awarded and none will go unused.

Q. How are scholarships administered?
The scholarship endowment is managed in accordance with the investment policies and procedures established by the Alderson Broaddus University Board of Trustees and Governors, with only the earnings used each year to fund the scholarship award. Current practice is for the University to make awards based on 5% of a 3-year rolling average of the endowment market value.

The Director of Financial Aid will make the award based on the criteria outlined in the scholarship agreement, that is drafted by the University and reviewed and approved by the donor.

Q. How are available scholarships publicized?
Endowed scholarships are listed in the Alderson Broaddus University Catalog, which is published every other year, as well as in the AB Annual Report.  A current listing of scholarships can also be found by clicking here.  The Financial Aid Office also makes available a list of scholarships.

The Advancement Office staff is available to assist donors in soliciting additional gifts to the scholarship with special mailings to family and friends as requested. The Advancement Office may also publicize availability of scholarships among certain constituent groups as appropriate.