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Like many entering college students, you may be undecided about the most desirable course of study for you. Maybe you have many interests and aren't ready to choose among them. Perhaps you are not certain of your own talents and skills or how they can be developed toward particular careers. The General Studies major at Alderson Broaddus is a two-year program of study leading to the Associate of Arts degree.

Programs of Study

At Alderson Broaddus University, you do not have to make a career choice or select a major immediately. You can enter as a General Studies student and explore courses of potential interest and usefulness while earning the basic credits required of all students. All majors have a number of elective hours that can be used in the beginning semesters of exploration.

You'll build a strong foundation of knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences that is excellent preparation for any career. Industry and professional firms today demand well-educated men and women who can communicate, cross fields, continue to learn, and adapt to change.

The flexibility of an individualized general studies program enables you to study areas of personal interest while still working toward identifying a major field and earning a degree in a timely manner.

Alderson Broaddus prides itself in its strong programs of study in many different fields. This diversity provides an opportunity to find and pursue a specialty that is right for you. You may find, for example, that preparation in a specific field such as elementary education or cytotechnology or communications can put your talents to best use. Or you may decide that an interdisciplinary liberal arts major will best prepare you for a meaningful career.