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 Associate of Natural Science



The Associate of Science Degree in Natural Science is a two-year program primarily designed to provide basic science instruction necessary for competitive application to various allied health programs, including the Masters of Physician Assistant Study program at Alderson Broaddus University.

What Can It Do?

Students completing this two-year degree also are prepared to enter a number of other allied health programs, as outlined in the Allied Health Education Directory, including cytotechnology, medical technology, medical assisting, medical laboratory technician, nuclear medicine technology, occupational therapy, radiologic technology, respiratory therapy and radiography. This program also benefits those students who are undecided about a specific science major by providing a course of study that permits a smooth transition into other natural science majors, such as pre-medicine.


The A.S. in Natural Science is made-up of natural science courses in addition to the completion of the current Liberal Studies requirements.

Following are the natural science courses required for the program:

Chemistry 200 General Chemistry I with Lab
Chemistry 210 General Chemistry II with Lab
Chemistry 300 Principles of Organic Chemistry with Lab
Chemistry 305 Principles of Biochemistry


Biology 370 Cellular Biology
Biology 210 General Biology I with Lab
Biology 240 Microbiology with Lab
Biology 270 Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab
Biology 271 Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab
Mathematics 117 Scientific Mathematics
Computer Science 134 Computer Literacy
*Psychology Elective
*Psychology 220 Human Development


*Psychology 420 Abnormal Psychology
*Physician Assistant Program