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Associate of Computer Science


The Computer Science Associates Degree is a recent addition to Alderson-Broadddus' degree programs. The A.S. degree is a lighter version of the B.S. degree and can be earned within two years of study.

Employment Opportunities

Many employers want employees with computer skills.  Thus an A.S. in Computer Science can provide more job opportunities to individuals who have earned it. It allows students to work with anything related to the software industry. A minor is especially helpful to people who combine it with a major in business or some such field.

If nothing else, the A.S. program is a good starting point for people looking for computer related jobs.


An A.S. degree can be finished within two years, or when the student acquires 65 credit hours, 30 of which are computer science classes. The other 25 consist of liberal arts courses that all students are required to take.  Classes that a student can take include:

  • • Simulation
    • Software Engineering
    • Networking
    • Database Management Systems

Guided and Independent study course are also available for students who wish to take them.