Current Students


1.  A-B Title IV School Code - A-B's school code is 003806. It is used on the FAFSA line 97 to indicate that you want FAFSA information sent to A-B.


1.  AB Title IV School Code - AB's school code is 003806. It is used on the FAFSA line 97 to indicate that you want FAFSA information sent to AB.

2.  FAFSA Website Address - To access the FAFSA go to: . Submitting the FAFSA online substantially decreases processing time and reduces chances for input errors.

3.  Aid-Study Abroad Program - The same rules apply to Studying Abroad at the campus in Salzburg, Austria. If you have been admitted as a degree-seeking student, have applied for aid and have been found eligible, you can use financial aid when studying in AB's study abroad program.

4.  Marital Status and FAFSA - For financial aid purposes, your marital status cannot be changed for that academic year once you have submitted the FAFSA . Therefore, consult with the Financial Aid Office to determine your best option before filling it out. If you have filed the FAFSA as a single student, you cannot refile for aid as a married student during the same academic year.

5.  Unborn Child and FAFSA - You can include an unborn child in the household size if:

  • The baby will be born on or before June 30, 2009.
  • You will provide more than half of the child's support through the end of the academic year.

6.  Dropping Classes and Financial Aid - Because dropping a class during the Add-Drop period may affect your financial aid eligibility, you are advised to contact the Financial Aid Office before doing so.

7.  Contact Us - Contact the Financial Aid Office and we will help you with financial aid counseling and processing. We are open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Financial Aid Office Staff Directory

Amy King, Director of Financial Aid

Donna Dyer, Administrative Assistant - Financial Aid Office

Esther Kinnison, Financial Aid Counselor

Theresa McVicker, Secretary - Financial Aid Office

101 College Hill Drive
Box 2005
Philippi, WV 26416
Fx. 304.457.6391
Ph. 304.457.6354

8.  Processing Steps - Where To Start? 

a.  FAFSA 

Request a PIN.

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

List AB as a school of choice (code 003806).

Submit by mail or Internet. For speed and accuracy we recommend the Internet.

If you are an independent student, using the PIN obtained from the Department of Education will eliminate the need to send in a signature page. If you are dependent, both you and your parents can obtain a PIN, also eliminating any need to mail in a signature page.

If you choose to submit the FAFSA via the Internet, and not use a PIN, don't forget to mail the signature page as soon as possible (within two or three days) or you have to resubmit the FAFSA.

b. Student Aid Report (SAR) 

From three to four weeks after mailing the FAFSA , or two to three weeks after submitting FAFSA via the Internet, the federal processor will mail you a Student Aid Report (SAR) and send an electronic copy to us.

Look over the SAR to make sure the information is correct. If it is, do nothing. If it is not, correct it via the internet or by paper and return to the federal processor.

Sometimes the federal processor will reject a FAFSA, usually because of insufficient information. Again, if it is not, correct it, sign it, and mail it to the federal processor.

Whether your FAFSA is processed and complete or it has been rejected, you will hear from us within two weeks of our receiving the electronic SAR.

c. Verification 

Once we have a valid SAR, we might ask you to verify the information. Accuracy is an important part of the financial aid process and we are sometimes required to verify the information you provided on the FAFSA.

We will send a letter and verification worksheet to the home address we have on file requesting that appropriate W-2 forms, signed federal tax forms, and the verification worksheet be submitted.

After you submit all of your data, it will take 1-2 weeks to process. Just because you have submitted all your verification information does not mean that you have completed verification.

As a result of verification, one of two things should happen:

Your FAFSA is accurate and your processing is completed and your award letter stays the same. Or,

We order corrections to your SAR because of discrepancies found during verification. These would be discrepancies between the original FAFSA you filed and the verification information you have provided to us. If we have to make changes to your FAFSA, it will take 1-2 weeks to complete your verification. The process may take longer if information is submitted at the beginning of the semester. When the correction process is completed, we will send a new award letter.

d. Financial Aid Award Information 

Pell Grant: The amount of your annual award will be posted on your award letter.

Stafford Loan: If you are a first-time Stafford Loan borrower, go to, where you can complete your Master Stafford Loan Promissory Note. Complete, sign, and submit the promissory note to Direct Loans. You will need a PIN number to complete the Promissory Note on the internet. If you do not have a PIN number click here to request one. First-time Stafford loan borrowers will need to complete entrance counseling before the Stafford loan can be disbursed to the student's account.

PLUS Loan: The same information regarding the Stafford Loan applies to the PLUS Loan, except that your parent will need to complete the parent PLUS promissory note.

e. Disbursement of Funds

Pell Grant monies will be deposited into your AB student account a semester at a time and will go toward your direct costs.

Stafford Loan proceeds will be deposited into your AB student account and will go toward your direct costs. You will receive any excess money in a refund through the Business Office. If however, a problem has prevented your Stafford monies from being deposited into your account (i.e., you haven't completed entrance counseling or promissory notes, you have not signed an award letter accepting the Stafford loans, or have not completed verification, etc.), any excess funds will not be refunded.

PLUS Loan funds will be deposited into your AB student account once a PLUS promissory note is on file with Direct Loans. Parents have the option of having any excess money going to either the parent or the student.  Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.