Current Students


1.  Deadlines - Financial Aid Application - Financial aid has a priority processing deadlines of March 1 by which all applicable forms must be completed and submitted to the Financial Aid office. Applications will still continue to be processed after these priority dates, but funds with limited funding may not be available. If you have missed the priority processing dates for federal or state financial aid, you most likely will not receive the maximum amount of financial aid you would have been eligible for. Nevertheless, we will continue processing your aid, and award you the maximum amount of financial aid that is available.

2.  Processing Time - Federal Financial Aid - The time it takes to process depends a lot on you. It can take from three to four weeks or from six to eight months depending on how long it takes you to respond to our requests for information or documentation. Complete and accurate information will shorten your processing time. Here are some tips to speed up the process:

  • Submit the FAFSA over the Web, using your federal PIN. If you filed a 2007-08 FAFSA , you should receive a PIN in the mail from the Department of Education. If you didn't, you can obtain a PIN by clicking here.  Don't estimate the figures on the FAFSA. Use actual income figures from your tax return or we may have to make corrections later, which slows processing. If you have questions, wait until you have found the answers before you continue. However, if you will not have actual income figures before March 1, go ahead and use estimated figures on the FAFSA and then go back and make corrections at a later date.
  • Respond promptly to our requests for information and/or documentation.
  • Make sure we have your current street and e-mail addresses. We will use the student's home address to send requests for information and the student's campus e-mail address to send messages.


3.  Money - Getting Your Check - The Friday following Add/Drop of each semester is the first time refunds are given for each semester. All paperwork in the financial aid office must be completed at least 2 weeks before a refund can be given. A student MUST fill out and submit a "Request for Disposition of Student Account Balance" by 11 a.m. on Wednesday in order for the check to be processed by Friday.